Visiting Nepal once is just not enough!

Surrounded by India and China, the two colossi of Asia; is Nepal – blessed with a nature as varied as spectacular, consisting of the highest mountain peaks on the planet. The valleys that support them are ideal for anyone in love with extreme adventures like mountaineering or hiking, paragliding, bungee jumping; among many others. Pristine and highly scenic rivers make rafting possible and fun activity, suitable even for novices. In the Terai plains of Nepal, subtropical national parks allow the experience of a safari between tigers, rhinos and gharials.

Few countries in the world host a cultural heritage as rich and jealousy preserved as that of Nepal. The dominating society within the country is made up of a hundred ethnic groups, numerous religions and languages – all coexisting in perfect balance and harmony. The country of the Himalayas quenches the thirst of any shrewd traveler searching for natural, cultural beauty, along with a sense of adventure. Legend of Himalaya, has carters to all needs in relation to travel and tour within the country of Nepal.

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