Mountain Expedition

Of the 14 highest peaks in the world, Nepal has eight of the highest 8,000 meters. Not only the highest mountain on earth, Mt. Everest, but the 3rd highest Kanchenjunga, the 4th highest Lhotse, 5th highest Makalu, Cho Oyu 6th highest, 7th highest Dhaulagiri, Manaslu 8th highest and 10th highest Annapurna – they all lie either in Nepal or on Nepal’s border with its neighbor. However, climbing mountains higher than 8000m is one of the most difficult challenges that a human being can face. As a result of which Legend of Himalaya advises everyone, including professional mountain climbers – to obtain sufficient training and preparation well before they attempt to scale mountains over 8,000 m. Mountaineering Expeditions requires a high level of physical and mental fitness, with a good level of mountaineering knowledge. Fully fledged expeditions are different from trekking and rock climbing at lower peaks, as the expeditions include mountaineering above the snow line with crampons and climbing ropes necessary gears under the supervision, instruction and interventions of leaders and guides. climbing. Mountain beginners are encouraged to try simpler trekking peaks, below 6500m / 21320ft. Climbing lower peaks serves as training courses for those who want above the highest mountains 8000m / 26240 feet. Legend of Himalaya offers many different mountain expedition treks that will leave the most avid adrenaline seeking trekker satisfied.

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